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Karen Walker Styling is a personal styling service that will give you the confidence you need to choose the clothes that best suit you.

Be confident that you dress elegantly, to compliment your body shape, irrespective of age or size. Recognise the styles of clothing that will enhance your figure and help you look your personal best.

While fashion trends are great to be aware of and certainly fun to be involved in, it's important to wear what suits you personally. My belief is to compliment and magnify ones strengths, and by choosing the perfect styles for your body shape and size, you can always feel stylish, while staying up to date with fashions.

Your needs are unique and my promise is to give you my undivided, honest and specialised attention, and to help make your life easier when it comes to deciding 'what to wear' every day and on those special occasions.

My services include a range of options which are detailed on this website.


I am delighted to welcome you to my website, where I can share with you, my passion for personal styling.

Being fully qualified and professionally trained by Cindy Newstead, of Style with Cindy, one of Australia's leading stylists based in Melbourne, my services are dedicated to building confidence and style awareness in women and men. I have studied in the area of life coaching and am a qualified Interior Designer and Cosmetician. I have worked in fashion retail, corporate travel and the fitness industry.

A study of life coaching and personal styling, has honed my skills in the area of self-esteem and raised my awareness of the power of dressing for success and confidence.

So many of us these days lead very busy lives and can often put ourselves last when it comes to styling and self image. However, it's amazing how one can transform, and be noticed, by simply dressing in clothes that are the right size, cut, colour and shape.

I can assist you in raising your awareness of your styling needs. I will share with you great advice and tips on how to dress in style, with confidence and ease, and help you reach your desired goals.

I invite you to have a look at my various packages and choose which one is right for you.




Style Review

Explore your personal style.

If you would like to analyse exactly what your style is, this is a great exercise to create inspiration and awareness as to how you would really like to express yourself.

Gain insight and direction so you can create a wardrobe that perfectly compliments you.

A Style Review includes:

- A discussion on what styles you enjoy, your lifestyle and what your clothing needs are

- An analysis of your body shape

- Advice on what shapes and styles would best suit you to achieve your personal style

- Personal style guide (to be emailed post-meeting)

Duration – 1 hour

Price: $100.00

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Style Perspective

This service deals with specific items of your choice from your existing wardrobe.

Sometimes we have pieces in our collection that we love but just don’t know how to mix and match them. We need a fresh perspective. They may need altering or could be complimented with the right accessories.

This is a service for those not wanting to go into a full wardrobe review, or who would like advice on how to wear pieces to best suit their figure and style.

A Style Perspective includes:

- Meeting at a place of mutual convenience. This can be at a coffee shop, your home or even at the office, anywhere you may feel comfortable to chat about your styling needs.

- An analysis of your body shape and a brief session on styles,shapes and colours, that would best suit you.

- A review of the items of clothing that you have with you, including advice on how to wear these clothes to best flatter your body shape, and which pieces, if needed, would complete your outfit.

Duration – 1 hour

Price: $100.00

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Wardrobe Review

A fantastic way to get your wardrobe organised!

This is a fun experience, which will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed with several new outfits and combinations from your existing wardrobe.

The dilemma of “what to wear” will no longer be a problem.

The Wardrobe Review involves a full assessment of your entire wardrobe collection, in thorough detail. I will advise on whether any items should be altered or passed on to make way for new pieces; however, that decision of course, will be up to you with no pressure whatsoever. I will give my honest, professional opinion, however it is always up to you to make the final decision.

This is a really fun way of finding new outfits from favorite pieces, while reviewing what is needed to update your collection.

A Wardrobe Review includes:

- A brief discussion on your wardrobe requirements.

- Considering your fashion style and what you would like to achieve from this edit.

- An analysis of your body shape

- A full assessment of the contents of your wardrobe with advice on what should be kept, altered, or discarded.

- A styling session combining pieces to create new outfits.

- Advice on how to accessorize

- Making a list of new items to consider, to gain full advantage of your collection.

Duration – 2.5 hour

Price: $250.00

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Personal Shopping

This a practical, and enjoyable service that enhances your awareness of clothing styles available to suit your personal needs.

Whatever your age, style, shape, lifestyle or budget, my dedicated service will result in having you looking ‘absolutely fabulous’ in no time!

I will help you source clothing to suit your styling needs while taking away the fuss and bother of having to think about which shops to go to, thus making your shopping time more efficient. This is a great opportunity to learn what styles, shapes and colours flatter you most and suit your lifestyle.

Its always great to go straight to the source, and with a personal shopping session you will become aware of which shops stock certain styles that express your personality, building your confidence in venturing out for future shopping trips.

You must never feel obliged to buy. This is all about you and your needs and you are the one making the decisions. My aim is to build your confidence in knowing what’s right for you and to provide a positive, inspiring shopping experience.

Personal Shopping includes:

- Meeting at a convenient or favourite shopping centre

- A quick chat over a coffee to talk about your shopping needs

- An analysis of your body shape

- Sourcing shops that suit your budget and styling needs

- Personalised advice and valuable tips

- Shopping for specific needs or special events

- A super enjoyable experience!

2 Hour minimum

Price: $100.00 per hour

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The Combo

A great way to give your entire a wardrobe a complete over haul!

This option is takes place over three chosen days and results in having a brand new perspective on your styling needs, giving you a whole new outlook on how to dress to look and feel fantastic.

The Combo includes:

Day 1: 2.5 Hour Wardrobe Edit

- Discuss your needs and requirements, lifestyle, age, clothing style, personality, budget

- An analysis of your body shape

- A full assessment of the contents of your wardrobe with advice on what should be kept, altered or discarded

- A review of pieces to be kept

- A list of pieces needed to buy to enhance your existing wardrobe

Day 2: 3 Hour Personal Shopping Trip

- Meeting at a convenient or favorite shopping centre or precinct

- Sourcing shops that suit your budget and styling needs

- Personalised advice and valuable tips

- Reference to specific shopping list to enhance your existing wardrobe.

- Advice given to only buy items that you really feel fantastic wearing!

Day 3: 3 hour Style Session

- Re-inforce style ideas and create great outfits with the addition of new purchases

- Further advice and tips to ensure that you are comfortable with your style and confident in putting different outfits together

- Photos taken of all outfits to refer to later on

- Advice on care of fabrics and storing items

- An outfit planner to help re-inforce ideas

Price: $750.00

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